ESOTERICA—How Soon is Now?

by Michelle McCann

Cycles within cycles—on this we agree. The circle shape is the most efficient storage of energy. Bubbles are so naturally round, as is the earth, the planets, the conical shell. Spiraling ever closer to the center of its “circle”. The Galactic-Centre alignment on 12-21-2012 isn’t going to be so much of a panic as we are already in. We are at the nexus of the zero-point field, quantum style. Well, this is it, we are at 0; refer to the conical shell, the phi ratio’s centre. (Google Fibinnaci it will explain in better terms.)

We are at the beginning of times, the eleventh hour, the end of darkness. The light is bright; to some, blinding; to others, not seen, as they have chosen to sleep and remain blind (in this incarnation they are working a different time line). For the lightworkers—and you know if you are one—yes, you do!—let’s look at the growth spurt in the last ten years, even the last ten days. For many of us this has become something like a teenage crisis. For we want to do it all right now!

Thr feeling is just like a holiday morning when you’re six. Oh, and nothing’s a coincidence for there is none. When we are awake, we see so clearly and so naturally what we want. At once, we want all the many creative ideas that rush through our heart-centered thought consciousness to manifest physically and immediately, because we know it’s all right there, at hand, and it’s so darned exciting!

In some ways just a glimmer of the light is like LOVE at first sight. Oh, then we are feverish, so divinely passionate! To be of service and to live in bounty and to love! Above all else, to become a co-operating community. To be one with diversity, unity and self-sustainability, at once independent as well as interdependent. Yes, socially sensitive, yes, co dependent. The pendulum is swinging ever slower to its centre, to the middle way, as Buddha teaches, the way of balance, balance of all dichotomies. So our urgency is born of the ego, wrestling for the control that we are giving up. Light is forcing foresight. To seed, the need to spread everything that is new and fresh, these chaotic emotions are just like a first love.

Now, having gone on that journey with me, keep in mind that, in your mind, you have the power to think your way into positivity. You can snap your fingers and change your feelings right now, your NOW, in an instant. It takes only pure intention. You know this, and you are living it in some fashion. Once you realise it, it is truly and solely your movie. You are writing directing and acting in your microcosmic universe. The script changes in nanoseconds as you decide. Just “be the cause”, because the effect will take care of itself, as do all things organic.

This is a time of no time, dear hybrid human angel. Of late, we are feeling the pull of the old energy of “scare city”—scarcity and old power, which is over, finally over, although it clings perilously, like a kitten to the teat while the mother wearily yet gratefully walks away. Panic may or may not set in. She knows. She has provided enough to know full well that her kitten will eat again, most likely getting the nourishment out of its own round bowl.

Spirit is like this mother cat, our higher selves, the I AM presence, all knowing. We are all now both kittens and the mother and father cats. So, slow down, stretch, yawn, breathe and snooze as often as possible, whenever possible. For it is time to act on and believe what you know. There is no time, and there is no where, there is no why and no when. The here is only now and in the immortal words of Kurt Cobain, it’s a “big long now.”

Yes we have missions.

Yes, we are waking up. So stop; take a look around and breathe. While you listen to the inner stirrings of peace within, nourish this, know that this is a top-priority vibe to send and receive joy, trust and love.

We started this beautiful new puzzle hundreds of years ago. Flip the pillow over to the cool side and smile inside; breathe and chant, “I am Infinite Being”; with FAITH! You have earned this, and so it is! Embrace the wisdom of the cat along with the kitten’s innocence. There is no rush to get to “now”— now is the pause before.

Our mother-father god exhales. Slow down; the journey is beautiful. Being a lightworker means just that; a LIGHT worker, as in Lighten up; lighten the load (on ourselves). Let go as you shine your light among your brothers and sisters. Blessed may you all be. I will leave you now. Here is a quote that may soothe manic light workers, environmentalists, earth keepers, keepers of the sea, and all other spiritual lightworkaholics.

Love and Beams of Violet Light.

“Stop seeking. Where is there to go? Everything you seek is already inside you” –Author unknown
”If you find a good solution and become too attached to it, the solution may become your next problem.” –Robert Anthony